Vivitrol Treatment in Ft. Walton

Michelle Rosenker

August 1, 2019

The disease of addiction is one that affects all kinds of people, regardless of their race, gender, financial class, or sexual orientation. When someone is struggling with an addiction, it can be extremely painful to watch, never mind experience.

Addiction can take everything from a person and leave him or her with no family or friends or even a home to live in. A person can lose all of his or her money and even find it impossible to obtain a job. Often, all that is left in the rubble of opioid addiction are the opioids themselves.

With 130 Americans dying every day due to opioid overdoses, there has never been more of a need to address the opioid crisis. One of the very best ways to help those who are currently addicted to opioids is professional treatment. Professional treatment can not only expose those in need to therapy, but also introduce them to specific medications capable of helping manage the symptoms that develop after opioid abuse has ended.

Vivitrol Treatment for Opioid Addiction

Out of everything being done on town, city, state, and national levels to help curb the opioid crisis, there is nothing more effective than providing access to professional addiction treatment. In fact, cutting corners of any kind when it comes to  treatment can cause those who are trying to get sober to go right back to their old, destructive patterns of abuse.

While funding for the development of non-opioid painkillers, opioid addiction awareness classes, prescription drug drop-off stations, and the like are effective in helping to prevent new cases of opioid use disorder, it does little for those already hooked. Thankfully, evidence-based, professional opioid addiction treatment is available, and it can include a combination of therapy and medication such as Vivitrol.

Vivitrol, the injectable form of the generic naltrexone, is commonly used in addiction treatment centers for those who are recovering from an opioid use disorder. This medication is administered once a month via injection, and remains effective for up to 30 days. It is recommended that those who are including Vivitrol into their overall treatment plan do so for at least one full year to obtain the greatest effectiveness of it.

What is Vivitrol? As mentioned before, the medication contains naltrexone, which is an opioid antagonist. What this means is that when someone consumes Vivitrol, the naloxone binds to the opioid receptors in the brain in a manner that helps prevent cravings for continued opioid abuse. Vivitrol works so well that it is also used for those who are recovering from alcohol use disorder to help them manage their cravings, too.

It is important to note that only taking Vivitrol and not participating in any other form of addiction treatment will not provide clients with the results they may be looking for. As with many diseases and mental illnesses, just taking medication and doing nothing else to improve the situation is typically ineffective. In order for Vivitrol to work to its greatest capacity, clients must also include therapy into their overall treatment plan.

VivitrolVivitrol Treatment in Ft. Walton 

Prior to clients starting on Vivitrol, we ensure that they have fully detoxed and have maintained sober for seven to 10 days. At that time, we can introduce Vivitrol into their treatment.

When clients begin Vivitrol treatment in Ft. Walton, we make sure that every single person has an individualized treatment plan that addresses their greatest concerns and meets their unique needs. This not only includes monthly injections of Vivitrol, but also several different therapies designed to help them identify, address, and learn how to manage the mental, emotional, and spiritual issues that are connected to their alcoholism or opioid use disorder.

Our Vivitrol treatment in Ft. Walton values the combination of this medication and therapy, as we believe it lays the most solid possible foundation for clients.

Benefits of Vivitrol Treatment in Ft. Walton 

Clients who receive Vivitrol treatment in Ft. Walton and who follow a specific treatment plan can obtain several benefits from the inclusion of this medication into their care.

Above all else, Vivitrol is helpful in controlling cravings for further opioid use. This is a huge benefit, as one of the most common reasons for relapse in the early stages of recovery is cravings. For some, cravings can become so powerful and overwhelming that they feel they have no choice but to give in.

Plus, being so early in recovery is often difficult for clients because they have not developed the skills they need to manage emotional and psychological issues that can easily trigger them to use again as a coping mechanism. But, when a client is taking Vivitrol, the intensity of cravings is minimized, allowing for a stronger focus on other areas of treatment.

Additional benefits of Vivitrol treatment include:

  • Increased ability to continue to participate in everyday activities such as school or work
  • Added advantage of only having to obtain medication once a month rather than on a daily basis
  • Improves the likelihood of long-term recovery
  • Reduces the chances of relapse if a client decides to stop taking it. 

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Vivitrol treatment in Ft. Walton can help you face your addiction once and for all. We understand the challenges you have endured because of your addiction and we want to help you work through them in an effort to create a brighter tomorrow.

If you are addicted to opioids of any kind and want help but do not know what to do, stop everything you are doing and reach out for Vivitrol treatment in Ft. Walton right now. We can help you close this chapter in your life for good.

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