Young Adult Treatment

The disease of addiction is extremely impactful and complex, causing significant emotional and physical harm to anyone who is experiencing it regardless of their age. When young adults, such as those between ages 18 and 25, develop a substance use disorder, many things can go wrong.

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For example, a young adult who is addicted to drugs and/or alcohol can experience “failure to launch”, meaning that he or she is unable to leave home, get a job, and begin building a life for themselves due to their substance abuse. Instead, he or she might continue to live at home with his or her parents and put his or her life on hold so that use can continue. Many other young adults might have launched but quickly crashed and burned before making any real progress in their lives. Conversely, some young adults shoot to success despite their substance use disorder but continue to function anyway.

Risk Factors for Young Adults

Young adults tend to develop substance use disorders for different reasons than those who are midlife or elderly. One of the most common reasons why young adults begin abusing drugs and/or alcohol is because of peer pressure to do so. Their friends, co-workers, and even family members might encourage them to drink or use drugs and they fear that if they choose not to, that they will be ridiculed for their decision. So instead, they use to avoid being teased or left out. When the use continues, a substance use disorder can develop.

Many young adults are experiencing symptoms of mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, or mood disorders like bipolar disorder but have not received the proper treatment for them. Many times, treatment is not obtained because parents are uninformed of the symptoms of mental illness, primary care doctors might believe that specific symptoms are more closely related to behaviors that are age-appropriate at the time, or because young adults refuse to get treatment for fear of being treated differently. As a result, young adults might turn to the abuse of drugs and/or alcohol to self-medicate their symptoms.

Additional risk factors for young adults and the development of a substance use disorder include trauma (such as growing up in poverty or having a history of sexual abuse), to keep up academically or athletically, or to escape responsibility.

Addiction Treatment For Young Adults In Ft. Walton, FL

Young adults who require addiction treatment benefit most from participating in our young adult addiction treatment in Ft. Walton, FL. When enrolled in an age-appropriate type of care, young adults can receive the specific care they need to overcome their active addiction and begin a life of recovery.

Our young adult addiction treatment in Ft. Walton focuses on treating the entire problem, rather than just one aspect of it. To do this, all young adults requiring care for both a substance use disorder and a mental illness (known as dual diagnosis) will receive treatment for both conditions simultaneously. This is known as integrated intervention, and studies have proven it to be a highly effective approach.

Young adult patients will participate in individual and group therapy, where they can work with one or more therapists to focus on their specific needs as well as work through commonly-shared challenges with other young adults in recovery. Family therapy is also offered in young adult addiction treatment, as the majority of young adult patients are still deeply connected to their families but need professional guidance to restore relationships. In addition, other therapies and treatments can be provided, including life skills therapy and experiential therapy.

When a young adult patient has completed his or her treatment program, he or she can return home with the skills needed to continue on with his or her recovery. Our addiction treatment program will provide patients with an aftercare plan that helps provide the patients with structure so that maintaining recovery will be easier to do. Part of those aftercare plans often includes participating in 12-Step meetings, seeing a therapist regularly, and implementing a daily schedule into one’s life.

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