Partial Hospitalization

Some users suffer from severe cases of addiction, requiring them to obtain the most involved and detailed type of care possible, while others are experiencing a mild addiction, making it more appropriate to receive a lower intensity type of treatment. Millions of people fall in between, as they require a middle-of-the-road approach to addiction treatment in order to begin their recovery. For some, the best addiction treatment option for them is our partial hospitalization program in Fort Walton, Florida.

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What is a Partial Hospitalization Program?

A partial hospitalization program, or a PHP, is a type of professional addiction treatment where patients can receive outpatient therapy and access to medical services and care. Unlike an outpatient treatment program, a partial hospitalization program requires patients to go to the facility anywhere from 3-5 days per week and spend, on average, about five hours there each day. Patients in PHP can continue to live at home and conduct personal business without having to reside at an addiction treatment or medical facility.

Who is a Good Candidate For Our PHP?

A partial hospitalization program in Ft. Walton can be the best resource for someone looking to recover from a substance use disorder, but only if his or her needs are in line with what this particular program offers. A partial hospitalization program is best suited for those who:

  • Need to be medically supervised
  • Require more attention than what can be provided in an outpatient setting
  • Have experienced performance problems at school or work
  • Have the ability to get to and from the facility
  • Have a strong support system in place

What is Offered in Our Partial Hospitalization Program?

Patients in our partial hospitalization program in Ft. Walton will work closely with several different addiction specialists and medical and mental health professionals during their time spent in the program. They will get the opportunity to engage in several different services, including the following:

  • Detox – Detox is usually reserved for inpatient treatment, however, some partial hospitalization programs offer detox services. In this type of program, detox is offered for those with mild to moderate symptoms of withdrawal. Medical professionals can assist patients through this time but providing the appropriate medications to help make handling withdrawal symptoms easier.
  • Medical services — In our PHP, patients will receive care from nurses and doctors who can do things such as prescribe medications, help manage medication, and provide medical services based on the needs of the patient.
  • Therapy – A large portion of a patient’s participation in a partial hospitalization program will be in therapy. Several different types of therapy, such as individual therapy and group therapy, work to help patients uncover the hidden causes behind their substance use disorders and address them in a manner that is consistent with their recovery goals.
  • Aftercare – When a patient is prepared to leave our Fort Walton PHP, the team will help him or her develop an aftercare plan that will support his or her continued recovery. This plan may include relapse prevention skills, attending 12-Step meetings, moving into a sober house, and/or continuing on with therapy outside of the confines of the program itself.

In addition, some partial hospitalization programs operate with a holistic approach, meaning that they incorporate services that address the needs of the mind, body, and soul. These services can include meditation, yoga, art therapy, nutritional planning, and exercise.

Benefits of Our Ft. Walton Partial Hospitalization Program

Our partial hospitalization program can be extremely beneficial for patients who make the most out of their care. The definitive marker of our partial hospitalization is that it offers medical care and supervision for those recovering from an active substance use disorder. This in itself is highly beneficial because patients:

  • Can get psychological treatment at the same time they are receiving physical care
  • Do not have to spend more time receiving medical care somewhere else, adding on another step in the process of recovery that is unnecessary
  • Can feel comfortable accepting addiction treatment knowing that their physical health and needs will also be tended to at the same time

Our partial hospitalization program in Ft. Walton, FL is not only beneficial because of the medical aspect of the program, as they are also beneficial because of the following:

  • It can be used as a step-down treatment for patients who have already completed an inpatient treatment program
  • Patients do not reside at a facility while participating in PHP, so they can continue to carry out everyday tasks within their lives
  • Patients have access to several educational resources during their time spent in this type of program, allowing them the opportunity to expand their knowledge on the disease of addiction

Patients can benefit from treatment in several different ways, however, it is up to the patient to put in the dedication, time, and effort in order to reap the most benefits possible.

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If you are addicted to drugs and/or alcohol, there are options for treatment. You do not need to continue on with your active addiction because you are unsure of what to do for treatment. Instead, learning more about professional addiction programs like a partial hospitalization program can help those looking to stop using gain the confidence to do so.

Do not wait any longer if you are trapped in the chaotic cycle of substance abuse. The longer that you continue to use, the more consequences of your use you will experience. To prevent further damage to your physical, social, psychological, and emotional wellbeing, contact our partial hospitalization program in Ft. Walton, FL right now. With the appropriate approach and the expertise of addiction specialists and medical professionals, you can begin to overcome the challenges that you are experiencing because of your substance use disorder.