Midlife Adult Treatment

As a result of substance abuse, an individual can begin to struggle with isolation, feelings of worthlessness, and loss of control. When these things start to occur, individuals might find solace in drinking or doing drugs to help ease their fears. Of course, not all people who are midlife go through this common issue, however, those that do are at an increased risk for substance use disorder, especially because of the challenges that they face.

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Signs of Midlife Crisis and Substance Use Disorder

When some people hit midlife, every little thing can quickly become complex. Some things might hold a lot of weight and consistently agitate an individual, while other things might be more fleeting. However these things come and go, the effects of suffering a midlife crisis can be entirely overwhelming.

Someone who is going through a midlife crisis might be experiencing the following:

  • Constant worry about one’s health
  • Questioning where one’s life is headed
  • Questioning who one really is
  • Comparing life with the lives of others
  • Feeling like time has passed extremely fast but one has accomplished very little
  • Being preoccupied with looking younger such as through weight loss, clothing choices, and even plastic surgery
  • Blaming other people for the things in your life that concern you most

When going through a midlife crisis and experiencing these symptoms, individuals can start to feel depressed about where they are in their lives, anxious about the past and the future, and even suicidal if they struggle significantly with this period of time in their lives. Each one of these points can cause someone to start drinking a little more or recreationally using drugs to either bring back a sense of youth and/or to numb the emotional distress associated with the midlife crisis. When the above-listed symptoms become associated with common symptoms of substance use disorder, such as abusing drugs and/or alcohol to excess despite not wanting to use or isolating oneself to continuing to abuse without someone interfering become combined, an individual can quickly be faced with a much more complex problem. So if you are in need of a midlife adult addiction treatment program in Ft. Walton Beach, FL call us today and learn how we can help you begin your journey towards a new life!

Midlife Adult Addiction Treatment in Ft. Walton, FL

Individuals in their midlife who are dealing with a midlife crisis and a substance use disorder, or just a substance use disorder on its own, require professional addiction treatment in order to overcome the challenges linked to addiction in midlife.

In general, the approach to addiction treatment for midlife individuals is not that much different than that offered to other adults. Depending on how serious the substance use disorder is, an individual will either begin midlife adult addiction treatment in Ft. Walton, FL through our inpatient program, intensive outpatient program, or our outpatient program. The more needs that the patient has, the more significant that his or her treatment needs to be.

Being involved in midlife adult addiction treatment requires patients to participate in a number of different therapies, regardless of what level of treatment they are receiving. Through midlife adult addiction treatment, patients can partake in common therapies like individual and group therapy, behavioral therapy, and family therapy. Also, they can be involved in other more specific therapies geared towards their specific needs.

When their treatment has been completed, patients can leave the program with an aftercare program in place that allows them to keep moving along on the road to recovery.

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If you are addicted to drugs and/or alcohol and are fearful for your own safety and wellbeing, reach out and ask for help right now. Ignoring the need to get professional treatment will only make your current situation worse. And while making the decision to get help can be the most difficult part of all, doing so can save your life. Call our Ft. Walton midlife adult addiction treatment program today!