Intensive Outpatient (IOP)

When addiction takes over, an addict will experience some physical and/or psychological side effects, ranging from withdrawing to showing symptoms of a mental health condition like anxiety or depression. Thankfully, those who are in between needing inpatient treatment and outpatient treatment can participate in an intensive outpatient program.

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Benefits of Our Intensive Outpatient Program in Ft. Walton

Our intensive outpatient program in Fort Walton is not an addiction treatment approach for everyone, however, many people have needs that can be met when participating in this type of program. Our Ft. Walton IOP is ideal for those who:

  • Do not require detox or other medical services
  • Who has a stable and supportive living situation
  • Have access to transportation to get to and from the facility
  • Can manage treatment and the responsibilities of daily life at the same time
  • Have completed a higher level of treatment, such as inpatient treatment, and can use a step-down form of treatment for continued recovery

IOP a good fit for someone who is experiencing a moderate substance use disorder and who requires weekly, hands-on treatment to help establish a solidified recovery.

What To Expect at Our IOP

At our Ft. Walton- based intensive outpatient program, patients have the ability to can come and go based on their treatment schedules. In general, intensive outpatient lasts up to 90 days at the most. According to the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM), patients of an intensive outpatient program are required to spend a minimum of 9 hours per week receiving treatment. It is common for patients to go to the facility for treatment, on average, about three days each week for a few hours at a time. During that time, patients will participate in therapies that can help them address the specific treatment needs that they have. Our Ft. Walton, FL intensive outpatient program offers the following therapies through intensive outpatient programming:

  • Family therapy – Patients can bring their closest family members to therapy sessions with them so not only can they begin working towards resolve with them, but the family can receive the therapy they need in order to begin re-forming a strong family unit.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy – Cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT, is conducted one-on-one with a therapist and helps the patient modify negative thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that contribute to their destructive behaviors so that recovery can be achieved.
  • Experiential therapy – Experiential therapy allows patients to get hands-on in their treatment, including them in activities such as equine therapy and art therapy, both of which can help them access buried emotions and develop the confidence and bravery to discuss them and process them.
  • Group therapy – All patients at our IOP will participate in group therapy with one another. Through these sessions, they can work towards common goals with other patients, develop strong bonds with one another, and utilize a group setting to share and learn in ways that promote inner self-growth and expression.
  • Individual therapy – Individual therapy sessions are held in a private area where the therapist and the patient can focus solely on the needs of the patient. During his or her therapy, the therapist might incorporate different therapeutic approaches that can help the patient in processing and addressing the elements that led to this or her substance abuse and those that stemmed from it.

In addition to these therapies, trauma-focused therapy, rational emotive behavior therapy (REBT), motivational interviewing, recreational therapy, meditation and yoga, and PTSD therapy are also offered.

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When individuals in need of help enroll in our IOP, they are given the resources needed in order for them to face down their challenges with addiction and begin building a life that supports sobriety and long-term recovery. Within a program like this, patients can stop their active addiction and establish skills that keep them from using in the future.

So, do not wait any longer. By reaching out for the help that you deserve, you can prevent any further physical, psychological, and emotional damage from occurring and preserve what you can in order to move forward with your life. With the help of trained and compassionate professionals at our intensive outpatient program in Ft. Walton, FL, you can make the changes you need to no longer struggle with addiction. Make the decision to get sober right now.