Being dependent on drugs and/or alcohol means that someone is unable to stop using without experiencing withdrawal symptoms. That person is also unable to lessen the amount that he or she is using either without having the onset of these symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms, while dependent on the type of substance that was being abused, can range from being uncomfortable to debilitating. For many, the distress that comes from withdrawal is enough to get them using again in an effort to alleviate the pain.

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While detox services are not offered at our JourneyPure Ft. Walton campus, JourneyPure has several other facilities that provide detox. We will make sure you receive the highest care of medical detoxification.

Continuing to go back and forth between active addiction and withdrawal is extremely risky and can even be deadly. Participating in detoxification services (better known as “detox”) can help even the most dependent of users persevere through the upset caused by withdrawal symptoms so that true, comprehensive healing can commence.

Who Needs Detox?

Detox is not a service that every single person seeking professional addiction treatment needs in order to recover from a substance use disorder. In fact, detox is designed for those who are dependent on drugs and/or alcohol so that ending use can be less painful and overwhelming. To help make this process as smooth as possible, those providing detox in Fort Walton, Florida utilize a combination of medications and therapies to help guide a person towards sobriety and recovery.

Additionally, people who are abusing specific substances but want to stop cannot just do so without the potential for serious health risks. For example, someone who wants to stop drinking alcohol but who is a heavy, consistent drinker cannot just put the drinks down, as doing so can be deadly. The same goes for those who are addicted to benzodiazepines like Xanax, Ativan, and Valium. Just stopping use can lead to complications such as seizures and a sudden spike in blood pressure, both of which can be deadly. When a person enters into a Fort Walton detox program, he or she can be assured that any and all symptoms that develop during the withdrawal process can and will be treated quickly and effectively.

What To Expect At Our Detox In Ft. Walton, FL

When someone enters into detox in Ft. Walton, FL, he or she will immediately stop using and start the process of withdrawal. As mentioned before, withdrawal can be highly upsetting. In our detox program, patients will be treated comprehensively during their period of detox. This means that they will not only be provided with medical care but also mental health care, too.

Depending on the substance or substances that the patient is detoxing from, professionals at our detox in Ft. Walton, FL can provide a variety of different pharmacological treatments. For instance, those who are withdrawing from opioids like heroin and fentanyl may be prescribed Suboxone, medications have proven to help reduce cravings and the intensity of withdrawal symptoms. Or, patients dependent on benzodiazepines will likely begin a slow taper with the use of minimally powerful benzodiazepines to prevent severe symptoms of withdrawal. Patients abusing other substances that cannot be treated with a prescription medication approach can be treated with over-the-counter medications that can calm withdrawal symptoms, such as medications for headaches, gastrointestinal discomfort, and insomnia.

While the majority of psychological care is provided outside of a detox setting, patients are closely monitored while they detox at detox program. Even though the body is experiencing the brunt of the detox process, the mind is also going through changes. It is common for patients in detox to struggle with anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and even suicidal thoughts. In our detox facility in Ft. Walton, FL, the mental health needs of the patients are tended to just as carefully as their medical needs so that when detox is completed, they can transition smoothly into continued treatment.

Benefits of JourneyPure’s Ft. Walton, FL Detox Program

Substance use disorders are conditions that are deadly if not properly treated. Therefore, any and all efforts made by someone with a substance use disorder to achieve sobriety is extremely beneficial, even if it seems painful. When someone reaches out for help and is guided towards detox in Fort Walton, Florida as their first step in the process of recovery, they will immediately begin to benefit from this service. Some of the many ways in which detox can be beneficial to include the following:

  • The physical act of abusing drugs and/or alcohol ends, preventing patients from suffering any further consequences of their use
  • Toxins are cleared from the body and the mind, allowing patients to fully focus on their recovery without their thinking being clouded by substances
  • A drug detox program provides around-the-clock care to patients, ensuring that any medical or mental health complication that occurs will be rapidly cared for
  • The risk of giving in to withdrawal symptoms and going back to a pattern of substance abuse is eliminated, as the facility is drug-free, preventing temptations to use again
  • Patients can receive continuous, thoughtful support from staff members at the facility, as well as others who are going through detox, too
  • Patients are provided with an aftercare plan including going into drug treatment and support groups

The countless benefits of participating in our detox in Fort Walton, Florida facility when attempting to get sober are worth the challenges that might be faced during this process.

Do You Need Help?

If you are addicted to drugs, alcohol, or both, do not waste another second using. At our detox in Ft. Walton, FL, we understand how painful addiction is to live with and how frightening it can be to ask for help. We encourage you to take that leap of faith and contact us as soon as possible. We can help.

So, do not wait. A fresh, renewed, and sober tomorrow awaits you. Call our drug detox program right now so we can help you begin a personalized treatment plan that will change your life.