Prior to being renamed by the postmaster’s daughter in 1910, Niceville was known as Boggy. Located on the westernmost area of the Florida panhandle, Niceville is home to Elgin Air Force Base and sits right on the Choctawhatchee Bay. This city has been named the Best Place to Raise Kids in Florida by Bloomberg Businessweek and one of the 100 Safest Cities in Florida by the National Council for Home Safety.

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Niceville experiences nearly a full 365 days of sunshine each year (approximately 343 sunny days annually) with temperatures usually ranging between 70 to 92 degrees. The water that Niceville sits along is normally 80 degrees, which is extremely inviting to those who live in the area and those who are passing through.


Niceville, FL is a small city made up of 14,325 people. The median age of Niceville residents is 37 years old and there is a 0.9:1 ratio of men and women in this city, respectively. More than half the population (64% to be exact) are married, 41% are families with children below age 18, and 94% of residents speak English.

The average median household income for those living in Niceville is $60,497 and the median property value of homes in the area is $204, 600. About 12.89% of residents live below the poverty line, a number just slightly higher than the national average of 12.3%. Of the 14,325 people who live in Niceville, 6,629 are employed, many of whom work in the real estate and construction fields. Other popular areas of work in Niceville include food service, professional, science, and tech services, transportation and warehousing, and healthcare and social assistance.

Niceville and Drugs

Niceville is located in Okaloosa County, which is experiencing a massive rise in overdose deaths. Drug overdose deaths have increased by 137% since 2000 and overdoses involving opioids have increased by 200%. Local officials working in Niceville, FL report that drug abuse and addiction is impacting people of all demographics. These same officials state that the majority of people who end up in county jail are those who are struggling with both a substance use disorder and a mental illness, but who have not received appropriate treatment.

Fentanyl and heroin, which are two of the most common drugs of abuse in other areas of the Florida panhandle, have taken over the city of Niceville, too. Overdose deaths related to heroin increased by 30% in 2016, while fentanyl overdoses increased by 97%. Fentanyl, while an opioid like heroin and other prescription painkillers, is more potent than other opioids including morphine and heroin. When abused, it can take only a small amount to cause an overdose.

In regards to preventative measures, Elgin Air Force Base, located in Niceville, is home to 20,000 active-duty members and 32,000 veterans who have worked to provide prevention services to the people of Niceville and surrounding cities to help deter an interest in substance abuse. This effort, combined with supplying medical professionals with Narcan, has helped save many lives already.

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If you are addicted to heroin, fentanyl, or any other addictive substance, do not allow one more second to go by. With every minute you waste, the closer you get to overdosing and possibly suffering a fatal consequence.

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