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Niceville experiences nearly a full 365 days of sunshine each year (approximately 343 sunny days annually) with temperatures usually ranging between 70 to 92 degrees. The water that Niceville sits along is normally 80 degrees, which is extremely inviting to those who live in the area and those who are passing through. Demographics Niceville, FL … Continued

Panama City Beach

This specific part of Florida is known for endless sunny days. In fact, on average, 320 days per year are sunny and around 74 degrees. Panama City Beach is known for the bottle-nosed dolphins that swim in the waters, as well as the several different fish that can be caught by fishermen, including Red Snapper, … Continued


Today, Destin remains one of the most commonly visited areas in the state, with more than 80% of those who visit the Emerald Coast each year stopping to visit Destin. Even celebrities are drawn to the city, as stars such as Britney Spears, Sheryl Crow, and John Grisham own homes in Destin. Demographics For as … Continued


Pensacola was originally inhabited by Native Americans, dating all the way back to 1250 A.D. By the 1520s, Spanish explorers and Conquistadors took over the land until the French began moving in on them from parts of Louisiana. The Spanish quickly moved to another part of Florida before the French arrived, leaving Pensacola available for … Continued

Miramar Beach

Prior to being known as Miramar Beach, this area of Florida was known as Shoals, FL, however, it is reported that even the most prominent historians are not exactly sure how the name change occurred or why. Today, Miramar Beach is known nationwide. Miramar Beach is often confused for the city of Miramar, especially to … Continued