Xanax Rehab

When Xanax is used as prescribed, individuals with an anxiety disorder can begin to notice a decrease in their symptoms, making it much easier to cope with the effects of anxiety. However, when Xanax is abused, it can cause individuals to experience extreme drowsiness, detachment from their surroundings, and even rebound symptoms associated with anxiety.

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Signs of Xanax Addiction

Someone who is abusing Xanax is at risk for suffering from a wide variety of different challenges in all areas of their lives. Not only are they putting their physical wellbeing in jeopardy, but they are also compromising their mental health, too. The longer that the use continues for, the more dangerous an individual’s everyday situation can become. So if you or someone you know struggle with addiction to Xanax, do not hestiate, reach out to our Xanax rehab center in Ft. Walton, FL today!

It can be extremely hard to determine when someone is struggling with an addiction to Xanax, which is why it is important to know what to look for. Each individual who is addicted to Xanax will display his or her own unique set of symptoms based on how much he or she is consuming and how often, as well as other personal factors. In general, however, the most common symptoms associated with Xanax addiction include the following:

  • Using Xanax outside of professionally recommended guidelines
  • Continuing to abuse Xanax despite suffering consequences of that use
  • Attempting to stop abusing Xanax but being unsuccessful in doing so
  • Continually increasing the amount of Xanax that is being abused in order to achieve the desired effects
  • Being unable to minimize or end Xanax use without experiencing withdrawal symptoms
  • Prioritizing Xanax abuse above all other responsibilities in life
  • Using Xanax in secret
  • Becoming deceitful and dishonest about whereabouts, finances, and use of Xanax

Someone who is addicted to Xanax might also appear regularly drowsy and have slurred speech, dizziness, and lack of coordination. Being addicted to Xanax can decrease one’s sex drive, cause constipation, and increase salivation.

JourneyPure’s Xanax Rehab in Ft. Walton, FL

When a Xanax addiction is allowed to persist and professional treatment is not obtained, fatal consequences can occur. However, those who are addicted to Xanax can get the help they need so that they do not pay the ultimate price for their substance use disorder.

Our Xanax rehab in Ft. Walton focuses on providing each patient with a personalized treatment plan that focuses on his or her own specific treatment needs. Depending on what those needs are, patients will participate in services that will help them get into recovery. For many, the first step in treating a Xanax addiction begins with detoxification, or “detox”.

Xanax Detox

Xanax is an extremely powerful medication and it can cause dependence in anyone who abuses it. When dependent on a substance like Xanax, individuals are unable to stop using without experiencing symptoms of withdrawal, which are usually very uncomfortable if not highly distressing. In Xanax detox, patients will go through the process of withdrawing from Xanax while in the care of experienced medical professionals. It is common for those who are dependent on Xanax to be slowly tapered off of this medication through the use of a lesser strength benzodiazepine. Doing this prevents more serious withdrawal symptoms to occur, such as seizures, which can be deadly.

It is important to note that it is not safe to attempt to detox from Xanax without receiving the appropriate medical care to do so. Detoxing from Xanax can as mentioned before, lead to seizures that can ultimately cost an individual is or her life.


At our Ft. Walton, FL, Xanax addiction treatment center, all patients will engage in therapy once they are medically sound to do so. Therapy serves as the core of Xanax rehab, as this is where patients focus on the mental, emotional, and spiritual hardships that their Xanax addiction has caused them. All patients will participate in individual therapy with a trained and certified counselor, as well as group counseling with others who are in treatment alongside them. Each patient’s needs will be assessed to determine which therapies will be incorporated into their treatment plans, such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), motivational interviewing, equine therapy, recreation therapy, trauma-focused therapy, and more.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

At our Xanax rehab center in Ft. Walton, it is common for individuals who seek treatment for Xanax addiction to also require care for a mental illness such as anxiety or depression. When this is the case, those individuals can have dual diagnosis treatment incorporated into their overall care plan, allowing for both the substance use disorder and the mental illness to be treated at the same time. Studies have shown that when both conditions are treated simultaneously, patients are able to achieve a longer-lasting recovery than those who only seek treatment for one condition.

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When the substance of choice is Xanax, it is important that individuals seek out professional treatment to prevent further consequences. At our Xanax rehab center in Ft. Walton, FL, individuals can work with trained professionals to identify and address the origins of the substance use disorder so that relapse can be prevented and a life of recovery can be obtained.

If you or someone you love is addicted to Xanax, do not allow one more day to go by without reaching out for help. Contact us right now. We can help.