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Methamphetamine, more commonly known as meth, is a highly addictive and extremely potent illicit substance. Throughout the United States, meth remains one of the most widely abused drugs, as it is easy to concoct and is simple to obtain. Unfortunately, abusing meth can cause everlasting effects to one’s mind and body, as well as lead to an untimely death via overdose.

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Dangers of Meth Addiction

Meth is unlike other illicit substances in that it contains several substances that can be found both at a local drug store and a home improvement store, such as battery fluid, acetone, and paint thinner. Because of the presence of these toxic substances, the body experiences significantly more damage than what is caused by other drugs. For example, continuing to abuse meth often leads to tooth decay, acne, and skin sores, and is known to age users dramatically. Additionally, when abusing meth, users tend to have little to no appetite, causing them to potentially lose a tremendous amount of weight and suffer from malnourishment. These are merely just some of the devastating physical dangers of continuing to abuse meth.

Psychologically, meth addiction can leave users with irreversible brain damage, as well as accompanying mental health conditions as a result of use. Most notably, those who abuse meth are known for suffering the onset of psychosis when ending use or when unable to use as much meth as he or she is used to consuming. Psychosis can lead to severe depression, suicidal thoughts, and even attempts at suicide. If not properly addressed, psychosis can lead to death.

Unfortunately, because meth is so potent and toxic, it is an extremely deadly substance. The longer that someone abuses this drug for, the more likely he or she will be to experience a fatal overdose or other deadly impact caused by their use. The only way to prevent a fatality from occurring is to seek professional addiction treatment, such as our meth rehab in Ft. Walton, FL.

JourneyPure’s Meth Rehab in Ft. Walton

At our meth rehab center in Ft. Walton, FL, patients will receive a complete and comprehensive treatment programthat is individualized to meet their needs. Recovering from a meth addiction can be very challenging and filled with obstacles that at times can seem impossible to overcome. However, when placed in the appropriate program, individuals can clear their bodies of meth, focus on their mental, emotional, and spiritual needs, and set themselves up for a successful life of recovery.


It is common for individuals to associate the word “detox” with feelings of physical distress. And while this is true for the majority of people who detox from drugs like opioids and alcohol, it is not as true for those detoxing from meth. Of course, physical upset such as jitteriness, fatigue, and dry mouth are common, but it is most commonly the psychological effects during detox that are most distressing.

Panic, anxiety, and major depression are the most common withdrawal symptoms associated with meth detox. Therefore, when a patient is detoxing from meth, the program ensures a strong medical and psychiatric presence to help the patient navigate through these challenges without harming themselves. When the patient has been medically and psychologically stabilized, he or she can then move on with the rest of his or her treatment program, which usually begins with therapy.


Therapy serves as the very core of a patient’s treatment while in our meth rehab. He or she will engage in individual therapy sessions with a trained therapist who can help him or her identify and address the issues that contributed to the development of the meth abuse and those that stemmed from the use itself. Additionally, the patient will be included in group counseling, where he or she will work with others in recovery to adopt coping skills, sort through emotional trauma, and develop a support system amongst one another. Depending on the needs of the patient, he or she can partake in additional therapies that include, but are not limited to, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), trauma-focused therapy, experiential therapy, motivational interviewing, and family therapy.

Therapy lays the groundwork of recovery for patients, which is why it is important to not only be involved while at a meth addiction rehab center, but also to continue on with that therapy after the treatment program has been completed.


Prior to leaving our meth rehab center in Ft. Walton, it is imperative that patients have a strong aftercare plan in place that will continue to support their recovery needs. This plan can include a set daily schedule, specific support group meetings to attend, a therapist, and other factors that will help keep the patient sober and devoted to recovery.

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If you are addicted to meth, you are well aware of the pain that is caused by continuing to use. And, even if you truly want to stop using, you might struggle with finding the courage to make the call for help. The fear of going through detox and facing the reality of your substance use disorder can be overwhelming, however continuing to abuse this toxic substance can cost you your life.

If you are ready to put your meth addiction in the past and get started on the road to recovery, contact our meth rehab in Ft. Walton, FL right now. By connecting with addiction treatment professionals, you can gather all the tools you need to live a life free from meth addiction.