Benzodiazepine Rehab

There are several mental health conditions that impact Americans on a daily basis. As of today, anxiety disorders are the most common mental illnesses in the country, affecting roughly 40 million adults. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) reports that despite anxiety disorders being highly treatable, only approximately 37% of those with an anxiety disorder seek professional care.

For those who do obtain professional treatment, they might be prescribed a benzodiazepine medication to help with symptoms. Benzodiazepines are habit-forming medications that when abused, can lead to the development of a substance use disorder. Those who are prescribed benzodiazepines can find themselves abusing them, as can those who seek benzodiazepines in an effort to self-medicate or use recreationally.

What Are Benzodiazepines?

Benzodiazepines, often called “benzos”, are a class of medications that produce sedative effects. Common benzodiazepines include Xanax, Ativan, and Valium, all of which are primarily used for the treatment of anxiety disorders ranging from phobias and panic disorder to generalized anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). When used as directed, benzodiazepines are highly effective in helping to calm the symptoms associated with these anxiety disorders and can also be used to help treat issues such as seizures and sleep problems. However, when benzodiazepines are abused, they can lead to an entire slew of physical and psychological problems that might require professional attention to treat.

Dangers of Benzodiazepine Addiction

As previously stated, benzodiazepines are addictive substances. When someone develops an addiction to benzodiazepines, it is referred to as a sedative, hypnotic, or anxiolytic use disorder. As this type of substance use disorder continues, those who are abusing benzodiazepines can experience several consequences of that use, including being terminated from a job, chronic unemployment, financial problems, issues on the home front, and even problems with the law.

The physical and psychological impacts of benzodiazepine addiction can lead to irreversible side effects and potentially even death. It is not uncommon for individuals abusing benzodiazepines to experience consistent drowsiness and sedation, both of which can be problematic while operating a vehicle, watching children, or doing any other daily task such as cooking or bathing. Psychologically, benzodiazepine addiction can lead to mood swings and poor judgment, both of which can be problematic in everyday life.

The only way to stop a benzodiazepine addiction from continuing is to get professional addiction treatment, such as that offered at benzodiazepine addiction rehab in Ft. Walton, FL.

Benzodiazepine Addiction Rehab In Ft. Walton Beach, FL

Asking for help is the first (and often most difficult) step in ending an addiction to benzodiazepines. At a benzodiazepine addiction rehab in Ft. Walton, FL, patients can receive several different services that can help them become physically and mentally stabilized so that true healing from within can occur. For many addicted to benzodiazepines, detox is the first stop on their road to recovery.


Someone who is addicted to benzodiazepines should not just stop using cold turkey, as doing so can cause the onset of seizures, high blood pressure, and increased heart rate. Instead, it is best to participate in a professional detox program where medical care can be provided on an around-the-clock basis. Not only will patients be monitored for the onset of these potentially fatal withdrawal symptoms, but they will also likely be placed on a short taper of benzodiazepines to help prevent these symptoms from occurring. When done in a professional setting, tapering off of benzodiazepines is a safe and effective way of detoxing the body.


When it is determined that the patient has successfully completed detox and is medically stable enough to participate in the rest of his or her treatment program, he or she will begin therapy. At a benzodiazepine addiction treatment center in Ft. Walton, FL, all patients will engage in individual and group therapy sessions to help address and identify their most pressing issues as related to their benzodiazepine addiction. They will utilize the support of others in recovery to continue on in their work to develop coping skills and lay the foundation for their recovery.

Additionally, patients will take part in different types of therapies that are best suited for their specific treatment needs. The therapies offered through a benzodiazepine addiction treatment center in Ft. Walton, FL include, but are not limited to, experiential therapy, family therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and motivational interviewing. Patients will also be invited to participate in psychoeducational groups and other skills classes.


Prior to patients leaving an Ft. Walton, FL benzodiazepine addiction treatment center, they will have an aftercare plan put in place that will support their continued journey of recovery. For some, this might include participating in a step-down form of treatment, such as going from inpatient treatment to outpatient treatment, while for others, it might include plans on how to integrate themselves back into their home lives. Regardless of the needs of the patient, a benzodiazepine addiction rehab center in Ft. Walton, FL will work to meet those needs so that the time spent in treatment can sustain them for a lifetime.

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Being addicted to benzodiazepines can be extremely isolating, lonely, and distressing. Once in that place of feeling trapped in your addiction, it can be easy to think that there is no way out. However, effective benzodiazepine addiction treatment exists and is able to help you overcome your addiction, no matter how lost in it you may feel.

Reaching out for help is never easy, however, continuing to abuse benzodiazepines can cost you a tremendous amount of pain and even lead to an untimely death. The resources that a benzodiazepine addiction treatment center in Ft. Walton, FL can provide you can help you get yourself medically stable, psychologically well, and emotional and spiritually flourishing.

So, do not wait. If you are addicted to benzodiazepines, know that you do not have to go it alone. Know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. By contacting a benzodiazepine addiction rehab in Ft. Walton, FL, you are taking the very first step in getting yourself well again.

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